Chemical Engineering has a considerably wide application field, involving other topics besides classic areas, such as petroleum industry, mineral processing industry, paper industry, and food industry. Additionally, it has also spread to other areas related to environment, sustainability, renewable energy, and bioprocesses. Given its growth, detailing the fundamental aspects of Chemical Engineering will allow current professionals to apply and improve, through the scientific method, the processes in which they are immersed.

Therefore, the Master of Engineering Sciences, Chemical Engineering of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile seeks to generate conditions and opportunities that allow future generations to take responsibility for the progress and knowledge transfer, and assist in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses, for the growth and development of the country in a global society.

The program was created in 1997 and has operated uninterruptedly since then. Its objective is to deliver to graduates a systematical and updated education in the area of Chemical Engineering, enabling them to participate creatively and efficiently in research and technological progress activities. We count with appropriate infrastructure and relevant networks of national and international collaboration, which we put at the program students’ disposition for better training.

We invite all professionals and/or Bachelor of Engineering Sciences, or those with related degrees, who want to contribute to the country through research and technological development, to look over our training proposal and to apply to our program.

Dr. Luis Henríquez Vargas